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Wondering how and why we came up with the idea for these Costa del Sol Road Trips? Curious about the concept? Like to know who’s the face behind them? Read on.

The Idea - Costa del Sol Road Trips

The Idea

Costa del Sol Road Trips appeared in early 2022 when Joanna and the Guide to Malaga team were looking at ways to showcase more of the region. Guide to Malaga already covers Malaga city in-depth and includes the occasional nod to the rest of this amazing province.

But the Costa del Sol deserves much, much more so we decided to find a way of extending our reach without compromising the niche market covered by Guide to Malaga.

Costa del Sol Road Trips take in the very best of the province and give each corner its own time in the spotlight. Each e-guide also includes Malaga city so we think they provide the perfect combination.

The Concept - Costa del Sol Road Trips

The Concept

Costa del Sol Road Trips are designed to make planning a holiday on the Costa del Sol as easy as possible and at the same time, ensure that holiday includes exactly what you want to do and enjoy.

Like Guide to Malaga, Costa del Sol Road Trips champion quality experiences and seek to provide a platform for the businesses offering them. We know that Malaga province offers premium products and services that are often eclipsed by better-known brands with buckets of marketing money.

To make sure you know about these fantastic products and services, our road trips showcase them and allow you to experience them for yourself.

Jonna Styles - Costa del Sol Road Trips

The Face

Costa del Sol Road Trips are the brainchild of Joanna Styles. I’m originally from the UK but after over 30 years in Malaga, I consider myself a malagueña honorífica (honourary local) and this is definitely home. In fact, I wouldn’t live anywhere else!

I’m a copywriter and journalist with more than 25 years writing experience. My niche topics are travel and tourism, relocation and property investment. I’ve written numerous books including Culture Wise Spain, Costa del Sol Lifeline and The Best Places to Buy a Home in Spain, originally published by Survival Books, but now sadly out of print). I’ve also contributed to many publications such as A Place in the Sun and Sunday Times Travel.

I’m also the author of several e-books several to buy on Guide to Malaga. They include the best-selling Malaga on a Short Break, Your Guide to Moving to Malaga and the Costa del Sol, and The Guide to Buying Property in Spain. Browse all the titles in the Guide to Malaga Shop.

Part of my annual writing gigs includes updating travel guides such as the Costa del Sol and Andalusia chapters in Essential Spain for Fodor’s, the travel bible brand for North Americans. Over the years, these updates have given me real insight into what tourists look for and want when they travel and how to showcase a destination.

Guide to Malaga

I’m also the creator and owner of Guide to Malaga, the online reference guide to Malaga in English. The website welcomes over 30,000 visitors a month from all over the world and provides comprehensive information about the city (the site has over 400 pages). We have a free fortnightly Newsletter and sell ebooks that include the highly successful Malaga on a Short Break.

Behind the Scenes

I’m married to a Malagueño and live in Malaga city. We have two grown-up daughters who, although they were born and raised in Malaga, they both currently live in London. Proof that life is one big circle?

When I’m not creating content and writing about Malaga and the Costa del Sol, you’ll find me running on the western seafront, discovering hidden corners of this stunning province, cycling along rivers in Europe or sitting on the beach with a great novel.


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