10 unusual things to do in Marbella

collage of things to do in Marbella

Famed for its glitz and glamour, many things to do in Marbella involve activities such as Michelin-star dining, celebrity spotting in Puerto Banús or sunning yourself at one of the beach clubs. But this high-end resort also has another side to it, one that you’d perhaps not discover as a regular tourist. Until you read this article. 

 In it, we’ve sourced ten unusual things to do in Marbella at different times of the year. Most are free or almost, and all guarantee an experience that you probably wouldn’t expect in the town. 

See Marbella’s first luxury villa 

The Romans were the first to discover the high-end potential in this part of the Costa del Sol and you can see an example of a mansion at Rio Verde Roman Villa. It dates back to the second century AD and contains some simply stunning mosaics. They depict motifs like flip-flops, dolphins and kitchen utensils.

Open Friday to Sunday 10.30am to 1.30pm. Free entry. 

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Discover the world of olive oil 

The Cortijo Miraflores to the north of Marbella’s old quarter once housed an olive mill and is now a museum where you can see all the equipment. As well as the olive press and scales, the old farmhouse also houses a 17th-century fig press, one of the best preserved in southern Spain. While you’re there, tour the building and gardens. 

Join or watch the Marbella Ironman 

This annual event takes place in May (7 May 2023) and allows elite athletes to take in the best of this part of the Costa del Sol while they push themselves to the limit. If you’re super fit and love a challenge, we’d suggest you sign up, but most of us will be more than happy to cheer the superstars on as they swim, bike and run their way around Marbella. 

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Visit tropical gardens 

Our next suggestion for unusual things to do in Marbella goes horticultural. The resort’s almost perfect year-round climate is ideal for gardens and you’ll find lush greenery and plants everywhere you go. Some of the best tropical havens are in the gardens at Puente Romano Hotel between the beach and the main road. Simply cross the Roman bridge on the seafront promenade and make your way north. 

Admire surrealist art 

The Ralli Museum near Puerto Banús houses a unique collection of surrealist works by artists from South America and Spain. Dalí and Miró are just two of them. There are permanent exhibitions too. Open Tues-Sat 10am-3pm. Free entry. Find out more

Try traditional pescaito 

Small fish, fried to perfection, form the basis of one of the Costa del Sol’s signature dishes: pescaito or fritura malagueña. Try it at any of the beach restaurants in Marbella or head for one of the bars near the fishing port (La Bajadilla) for a more local experience. 

Spot the holy niches 

Marbella Old Town is dotted with 12 niches, embedded in the walls and dedicated to the Virgin Mary and saints. As you wander the maze of streets, alleys and squares, keep an eye open for them. One of the most iconic is Our Lady of Sorrows in Calle Virgen de los Dolores. 

Walk the dunes 

The Costa del Sol’s long coastline is mostly developed and it’s a challenge to find an unspoilt beach, but Marbella is home to one of the few. The Dunas de Artola, located to the east of the resort, is a protected dune area, fronted by one of the loveliest beaches on the Costa del Sol. The dunes have walkways that allow you to discover pristine nature while enjoying stunning views of the coastline. 

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Discover Holy Week 

We think watching the Holy Week processions counts as one of the more unusual things to do in Marbella because, whatever your beliefs, they are one of the most moving spectacles you’ll see anywhere. The processions parade images of Christ and the Virgin around the town and take place every evening from Palm Sunday to Good Friday. 

Experience Dali 

On Avenida del Mar, an open-air museum dotted with his sculptures that line the avenue down to the seafront. As you’d expect, they’re weird and wonderful, but they make a great collection of unusual art in Marbella. 

Dali sculpture in Marbella

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