10 white villages near Nerja FOR YOUR MUST-SEE LIST

street in Frigiliana, a white village near Nerja

If you’re looking for gorgeous white villages near Nerja, you’re in luck. The resort sits on the Mediterranean coastline of the Axarquía, a mountainous region home to 31 white villages, all with their own charm and personality.

Visiting several of these villages is more than feasible on a Costa del Sol road trip – and we’d definitely recommend you do. But taking in all 31 could be a challenge! To help you decide which to visit first, we’ve put together a list of our favourites (in alphabetical order) and why we think you should put them on your must-see list.


This white village sits in the east of the Axarquia with the mighty Maroma peak (2,065m) looming next to it. Alcaucin is famous as a natural paradise – think green foothills and lush streams. Its fuente de los cinco caños fountain has famously never dried up.

Why visit this white village near Nerja?

The views from its ruined fortress over the Viñuela reservoir and the mountains are simply stunning.


This one might be tiny, but it punch over its weight in sights. Archez sits on the Mudejar route in the Axarquia where it’s the jewel in the crown. As well as a gorgeous minaret, the village has a lovely river walk that takes you by three flour mills.

Why visit this white village near Nerja?

The 14th century minaret that towers 15m high over the rest of the village is perhaps one of the most beautiful monuments in the Axarquia.

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El Borge

Another village that small in size, but big in raisins. So big in fact that El Borge is the capital of the Raisin Route. Look out for the raisin driers, known as paseros, as you walk round the village. El Borge sits on the border between the Montes de Malaga and Axarquia, giving it the best of both of these beautiful worlds.

Why visit this white village near Nerja?

You get the chance to try Malaga’s famed raisins at source and you can visit the Barrio del Rinconcillo where the house designs have adapted perfectly to the wonky terrain.

Canillas de Aceituno

A pretty village with a slightly complicated name sits on the side of the Sierra Tejeda mountains at an attitude of 645m, meaning great views are a given. You’ll find a selection of interesting monuments including several medieval water deposits (aljibe).

Why visit this white village near Nerja?

Canillas de Aceituno is an excellent place to sample local dishes such as gazpacho with muscatel grapes, fennel stew and a delicious orange dessert known as dulce de naranja.


This pure-white village perches on top of a hill in the middle of the valley – not for nothing is Comares known as the Balcony of the Axarquia. You get amazing views from all corners of the village, which is home to interesting monuments such as the church and castle.

Why visit this white village near Nerja?

Obviously, the views make a compelling reason and there’s plenty to see. To make sure you take it all in, follow the mosaic footprints that mark a trail around Comares.

Did you know? Comares is also home to a seriously awesome zipline, just one of the adventure activities on the Costa del Sol.


This village sits on the side of the mountain and has sweeping south-facing views across the western Axarquia and the Mediterranean in the distance. Its parish church, the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, is so large that it’s known as the Cathedral of the Axarquia.

Why visit this white village near Nerja?

Cómpeta is one of the main centres of Malaga wine so use your visit to sample a glass or several of the local vintage.


This village is all about views and water. So much of it that Cutar is known as the Fuente del Paraiso (Fountain of Paradise). You’ll hear the sound of water everywhere – don’t miss the 16th century Moorish fountain that is still working 600 hundred years later.

Why visit this white village near Nerja?

The views are unsurpassable and you can buy handicrafts made by local artisans using esparto grass.


One of the larger villages in the area and the closest to Nerja, Frigiliana is a must-see on a Costa del Sol holiday. Not for nothing is it a perennial winner of pretty village in Spain competitions. Perched on the side of the mountain, it too has sweeping sea views and its streets are perfect for strolling.

Why visit this white village near Nerja?

Frigiliana showcases what white villages are all about to perfection and why they’re worth visiting.

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Nestling in the heart of the Axarquia, Sayalonga is famous for two things: its whitewashed round cemetery and its verdant groves of medlar fruit (aka Japanese loquat). There’s even a village festival celebrating the níspero harvest in May.

Why visit this white village near Nerja?

You can try and buy nísperos and related products (e.g. jam and liqueur) and walk down the Callejón de la Alcuza, the narrowest alleyway in the Axarquia.


The last white village in our list, but definitely not the least, Sedella is most famous for its Casa Torreón, a 16th-century Mudejar palace. As you’d expect, it’s on the Mudejar Route, some 40km that take in five villages in the Axarquia.

Why visit this white village near Nerja?

In Sedella, you’ll see perhaps the prettiest examples of whitewashed façades decorated with flowers.

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