7 tips for the Costa del Sol on a budget

We’ve all been hard hit by soaring prices lately and nothing seems to cost the same anymore. Especially, holidays, that have become more expensive as it gets more difficult to find a bargain flight or grab a reasonably priced hotel. But don’t despair – with careful planning and a little patience, it is still possible to enjoy a holiday without breaking the bank. Read on to discover our top tips to enjoy the Costa del Sol on a budget. 

Plan ahead 

The best deals are almost always the first to go on offer, so start thinking about your travel as far ahead as possible. Book flights in the after-Christmas sales or Black Friday deals – you’ll be surprised by how much in advance you can book. And for hotels, check out deals on the website or special packages on accommodation portals like Booking.com. 

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Travel as lightly as you can 

Luggage cost is one of the biggest whammies when booking a flight. A seemingly cheap ticket can more than double in price the minute you add a suitcase. To make your holiday on the Costa del Sol more budget-friendly, travel light. 

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Stay off-peak or mid-week

One of the best ways to enjoy the Costa del Sol on a budget is to visit when most people can’t or don’t want to. That means avoiding: 

Did you know? The Costa del Sol makes a great destination to visit at any time of year, giving you the chance to enjoy it in low season and mid-week! 

Grab the accommodation deals 

Where you stay is one of the biggest budget items on a holiday, so it makes sense to shop around to find the best value for you. Keep an eye open for: 

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Avoid the tourist traps 

Enjoying the Costa del Sol on a budget means eating and shopping at places that don’t just cater for tourists. For example: 

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Look for the freebies 

They say the best things in life are free, and on the Costa del Sol, you can enjoy plenty of them without making any holes in your budget. 

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Buy the best guides 

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