10 reasons to visit the costa del sol

Every year, this corner of southern Spain welcomes millions of visitors and not for nothing does the Costa del Sol rank as one of Europe’s top holiday destinations. But have you ever wondered what makes it such a compelling choice for a break? Or why it retains its appeal year after year? To answer those questions, here are ten reasons to visit the Costa del Sol.

All that sunshine (and year-round)

The main reason most people visit the Costa del Sol lies in its name – all that sol shining, day in and day out. 320 days a year, in fact, and that comes guaranteed.

So, while northern Europe lies under grey skies and showers, here on the Costa del Sol we’re basking in warm sunshine. Yes, even in January.

All those flight connections (and year-round)

Malaga Airport is the fourth busiest in Spain and has flights to a ton of destinations in Europe plus several international airports. The busiest routes to the UK, Netherlands and Germany have several flights a day.

So, when you find yourself under those grey, wet clouds, you can easily book yourself on a flight to the Costa del Sol. Yes, even in January.

Malaga Port and lighthouse at dawn.

All those great transport links (and province-wide)

Once you’ve landed and picked up your hire car, it’s quick and easy to get to your chosen destination. Dual carriageways run all along the coast and to Antequera and beyond. Good roads link Ronda to the coast as well.

So, getting around on your Costa del Sol Road Trip is straightforward even when you’re off the beaten track. Just be prepared for a few bends in those mountain roads!

All those awesome things to do and see (and year-round)

There are so many things to do on the Costa del Sol that we’ve themed our e-guides to specific topics. We have a specialist guide for:

  • Active Adventure – all destinations have activities involving fun, exercise and adrenalin. Discover our suggestions in this action-packed guide.
  • Family fun – on the Costa del Sol, there’s truly something for everyone from babes in arms to grandparents via, of course, you parents in between. Discover them all here.
  • Foodie Experience – the Costa del Sol has a foodie scene like no other. Don’t believe us? Then you need our Foodie Experience Road Trip guide.
  • History and heritage – the Costa del Sol is packed with monuments, ancient and modern. We detail the main ones in our History Road Trip guide.
  • Malaga Wine – fine wining comes into its own on the Costa del Sol where you’ll taste a world of all colour of vinos. Explore them in this road trip guide.

So, being spoilt for choice for things to do and see is yet another reason to visit the Costa del Sol.

All that family-friendly ambience (and province-wide)

So, if you have kids and are looking for the perfect family holiday spot, you know where to book your flight. And don’t worry if you’re not a kids person. The Costa del Sol has adult-only hotels and you won’t find children in the top restaurants.

Children are welcomed with open arms in Spain and the Spanish generally love kids. You’ll see them up until all hours, dining everywhere and enjoying the outdoor lifestyle. That’s why so many families visit the Costa del Sol and also why we have a dedicated Family Fun Road Trip guide.

All that wallet-friendly vibe (and year-round)

Whatever your wallet size there’s a Costa del Sol holiday for you. From budget to splurge and everything in between. If you want to save, visit in low season (October to March) and choose your venues carefully in Marbella.

So, if you’re worried about things being too expensive, don’t be. Yes, even in high season if you select the right restaurants and hotels.

All that deliciousness (and province-wide)

The foodie scene is another compelling reason to visit the Costa del Sol. In fact, the province is something of a gastronomic paradise. This year-round perfect climate and surroundings combine to perfection to produce great food.

  • From the land – meat, cheese, olive oil, dried nuts, fruit and vegetables
  • From the sea – fresh fish and seafood.

And in your glass? Malaga wine in all the varieties including sparkling, craft beers, vermouth, spirits and liqueurs. All produced locally.

So, if you love fine wining and dining, get our Foodie Experience and Malaga Wine e-guides before you visit the Costa del Sol.

All that natural beauty (and province-wide)

The Mediterranean always twinkles turquoise on the southern horizon and rugged mountains almost always provide the northern backdrop. Add to these forests, rolling hills and rivers and you have one of the most scenic corners of Spain.

So, while you’re looking at your screen and it’s wet and grey outside, remember that you could be gazing at fabulous scenery in the sunshine.

All those friendly people (and province-wide)

A warm welcome always awaits you on the Costa del Sol whose locals are renowned for their hospitality and friendliness. And you’ll find English widely spoken on the coats, less so inland. But, hey, gestures are international.

So, look forward to a friendly reception when you arrive to visit the Costa del Sol. And if you start with an Hola or Buenos días, it’ll be even warmer.

All those world-class experiences (and year-round)

Whether you’re exploring ancient cave paintings or teeing off at Spain’s top golf course, the Costa del Sol offers first-class experiences. Best of all? You don’t have to pay a fortune to enjoy them either.

So, if you like the best, the Costa del Sol is your destination.

All those guides (and available now)

Yes, we know, we’ve already listed ten reasons to visit the Costa del Sol, but we couldn’t miss this one out. Our e-guides are the perfect companion to your trip and a proven way to get the most out of your holiday.

So, all you need to do now is to get yours.

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