7 reasons to visit the Costa del Sol in spring

Late March to mid-June is generally a great time to visit anywhere in the northern hemisphere and Malaga province is no exception. In fact, a holiday on the Costa del Sol in spring doesn’t come much better. You’ll find balmy weather with lots of sunshine, fewer tourists and the countryside in full bloom. Not to mention delicious seasonal produce and colourful pageants. 

But if you need more convincing, read on to discover our seven (utterly) compelling reasons to visit the Costa del Sol in spring. We’re pretty sure that by the time you’ve reached the last one, you’ll be checking the calendar and booking that flight and those hotels. 

Reason 1 to visit the Costa del Sol in spring – warm sunshine 

We think spring is the best time for weather on the Costa del Sol because: 

  • The early mornings inland are no longer cold.
  • It’s warm enough to sit on the beach and even take a dip in the Med.
  • It isn’t too hot to be sightseeing at midday. 
  • It’s the perfect temperature for al fresco dining in the evening. 

That said, you might get an occasional shower in April, but as we all know, April showers bring May flowers!

Did you know? All our Costa del Sol Road Trips come with a weather section, complete with a temperature chart and what to expect in each season. 

Reason 2 to visit the Costa del Sol in spring – fewer crowds 

This season offers a compromise between the winter, when many destinations are quiet and the summer, when they’re packed to capacity. Of course, you won’t be alone, but except for Easter week and May Day, you can enjoy reasonably quiet sightseeing

Jacaranda trees in full bloom in Malaga

Reason 3 to visit the Costa del Sol in spring – glorious scenery

This is definitely the best time to see the Costa del Sol in its full glory because: 

  • Zillions of wildflowers carpet the fields, woods and mountainsides. 
  • The cherry trees in the Axarquía and chestnut groves in the Genal Valley are in full pink and white bloom. 
  • The jacaranda trees blossom purple in towns and resort on the coast.
  • The countryside is as green as it gets. 
  • And the first crops of wheat, barley and oats turn gradually from emerald to golden brown. 

Did you know? Our road trips take you on and off the beaten trail, and you’ll enjoy the Costa del Sol’s stunning scenery on all of them. 

Reason 4 to visit the Costa del Sol in spring – Holy Week processions 

Easter on the Costa del Sol means colourful pageantry with the solemn processions that take place every day except Easter Saturday from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. Town and city centres are packed to capacity to watch these parades go past with their floats, penitents, marching bands and devotion. 

Holy Week procession in Malaga

The biggest and most famous Holy Week processions take place in Malaga, but every single village and town has at least one Easter parade. Check with the tourist office website for dates and itineraries. 

Reason 5 to visit the Costa del Sol in spring – fresh local produce 

As followers of this blog will know, the Costa del Sol enjoys some of the best fresh food in Europe, with produce galore from the land and sea. Spring is when locally grown fruit and vegetables come into their own. During your visit, do try: 

  • The delicate strawberries from the Axarquía.
  • The fragrant peaches from Perriana (also in the Axarquía).
  • Mouthwatering asparagus from Antequera. 
  • The first juicy tomatoes from the Guadalhorce Valley. 

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Reason 6 to visit the Costa del Sol in spring – longer evenings 

The clocks jump forward at the end of March, and this combined with the arrival of spring, means that the days are longer. Museums and monuments tend to stay open until 8 or 9pm, giving you a full afternoon and early evening of sightseeing. And then, of course, there are the spring sunsets… 

One of those sunsets

Reason 7 to visit the Costa del Sol in spring – easy planning 

Make things easy for yourself when you visit with our Costa del Sol Road Trips. Each themed guide comes with a fully-planned itinerary plus hotel and restaurant recommendations for each of your seven days. Just pick your theme, choose your activities and places to stay and eat, and then book it all using the handy Planner at the end of each guide. It really couldn’t be easier!

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